Our Affordable Rates

  • At GGS Pet Care we honestly feel that are rates are not only highly competitive but also excellent value-for-money
  • Our rates are mentioned under each service that we list on our Pet Care Services page
  • However, for our Quick View Price List, please visit our Prices page
  • We are happy to take cash or a Bank transfer for payment

Need a Quote?

  • Don’t hesitate to Contact GGS PetCare if you would like us to quote you a price for a specific Pet Care service (or range of services).


  • Let’s face it, sometimes the unexpected happens in life and if it does then the last thing we want is for our clients to be concerned about their pets. If we are Pet visiting, we will continue to do so until the owner has returned or until we have agreed together what do to next – it’s teamwork
  • GGS Pet Care will always take the contact details of your pet’s vets, your own emergency contact details and the other contact details of friends are relatives whom you trust and would want us to contact in an emergency.

cole-and-jess-petsitsThe Notice Period we need

  • Obviously we would prefer as much notice as possible, especially for busy periods such as school holidays. However it’s a priority for GGS Pet Care to always try to please the pet and the client – so if we have room or can find the time we will always try to satisfy your request.If that simply isn’t possible then we would recommend to you a different service provider or perhaps provide contact details for another service provider if we were unaware of the standard they would provide for the service you need.It’s not unusual for us to receive a text at 8am asking us to walk a dog at 3pm! Or indeed in the summer holidays we are frequently asked at a week’s notice to provide a pet sitting service. We love to say “YES” because we love your Pets but if you can plan ahead, we’ll really appreciate it!
  • In terms of Cancellations, our clients understand that again, we appreciate as much notice as possible. However we are realists and we know that unexpected things can happen in life so if you cancel at short notice we will endeavour not to charge you. We can’t promise of course – but we haven’t had to as yet.

The Geographic Areas we cover

  • We are based in Alvanley in Cheshire and generally speaking our clients are within a 3-4 mile radius. For a Map of the areas we cover please visit our Contact Us page. Never be afraid to call or email if you have a question as to whether we would be able to visit you.


  • When we come to visit your pets whilst you are away, we will of course need a key to your home so Contact Us to discuss the most practical way of providing the key to us. Could be we pick it up from you on the day you go away or you would prefer to drop it off to us beforehand – we are flexible!
  • Of course, we keep all keys totally secure and never keep a client’s address with the key.